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The next major innovation in wind power might not involve big, white turbines dotting the countryside.

GudCraft WG400 400 Watt Wind Generator $399

Low wind speed model. This model starts producing the wind energy just from 5 mph wind. This is the latest design with 6 blades. Comes with wind charge controller, instruction manual and 1-year warranty from the purchase date.

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LED vs Halogen bulbs
Have you ever done the maths for the power usage of an LED bulb vs a Halogen version? This is the GU10 style bulb which is popular in all modern houses. You know the lights flush with your ceiling, you may know them as spot lights. A standard Halogen bulb uses 50 Watts of power and may only last 1 or 2 years. The LED version uses about 10 Watts of power and can last up to 7 years. This means that 5 LED bulbs equal 1 Halogen. Most houses have 20 or 30 of these bulbs. Totally everything up the Halogen system could be as high as 1000 Watts. If that number doesn't mean anything to you, it's the same as using a hair dryer all the time your lights are on! That's a huge amount of power. The LED version would only be 200 Watts. Check out our store as have have GU10 LED bulbs at very low prices.

USB Batteries
We stock these in our store so visit for the best prices after you have read our article. USB rechargeable batteries are one of the coolest energy saving gadgets you could own. If you are like me you will have some rechargable batteries and a charger and I bet they are in a draw and flat. You keep thinking you should charge them up and use them in your Xbox controller or TV remote but you never get round to it. Instead you go out and buy 'normal' batteries. You buy these over and over again and waste your time and money. Now there is the perfect solution. These look like standard AA batteries until you flip the lid and there is USB socket. Just stick them in your computer and they charge up, then use them in any device. You never have to worry about a separate charger. May be you have children, always needing batteries. Stock up on 20 of these and NEVER worry about batteries again. Visit our store and check them out, you can buy at set from as little as $13.50.

About Act On Co2 (
Our site is packed with news and information on renewable energy. We have videos, blogs and useful energy saving products for your home. Climate change is critical to us all but most people don't care. But most people care about money so have you thought how much money you could save looking after the environment? Fuel and heating bills are some of the biggest out goings for your home. Petrol and diesel prices have continued to clime. Changing your car is often not an option for people, but you can change how you drive. You can also change how you heat your home. You could save a thousand pounds a year. If this is of interest to you then is the site for you!

Act on CO2

Renewable energy, green power and reduction of CO2 gasses are all very important but many people don't care. They live in the now and have short term views. But did you know that you could save money and energy at the same time? That has to get people interested?

If you could like ideas on how to save energy and reduce your outgoings each month then check out our blog for ideas and our store for some amazing energy saving devices.


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